The goal of hybrid meetings in presence and video is to make sure that when two people are in the room together, it disturbs everyone. We deploy everything necessary to make this a reality, so that the synchronous notion of the meeting is felt as much by the people in presence as by the people in video. To do this, we focus on four flows and three imperatives.

The four streams are:

  • audio input
  • video input
  • audio out
  • video out

and we manifest them with a robo avatar really present in the meeting. We deploy or advise the deployment of material that allows an effective and true immersion.

The three imperatives are:

  • reception
  • comfort
  • security

We also allow people at a distance to interrupt people in presence in a rude way.

"We don't even have a mantiere that performs this well at the ambush" said an official at the American Embassy in Paris.

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