TaskWhy on Taskwhy.com is a system for managing inter-related tasks.

In its simplest implementation, TaskWhy is a series of folders, one per category, with contained folders: one per task. Initially, my categories were the Deming wheel: plan, do, check and act. I would move the tasks from one category to the other with defined processes for each folder. I am now settled on the top-level categories being simply verbs of any nature. My identification of tasks is therefor [verb]/[thing].

TaskWhy is organizes to volatile information whereas WhoWhatEtc manages reference information. When a task is completed, all things that are to be saved should be organized in WhoWhatEtc.

FocusPlex implementation of TaskWhy

The FocusPlex on FocusPlex.com implementation of Taskwhy simply uses the character ~verb/concept1 to identify the tasks to be done. Then, these identified tasks are stored in four-level folders task/verb/c/concept/ (in this example, but more generally task/[verb]/[a-z]/[concept]/ where [a-z] is the first letter of the concept).

Inside each folder, the default file is un.md. Translations are identified by their two-letter language codes.

Like with whowhatetc, I have macros in VIMWiki and Visual Studio Code to create necessary links.

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  1. A "concept" is a word starting with a letter and containing letters, numbers and dashes. A verb is a sequence of letters.